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Corporate Law

Human Clouds Legal Corporate Law practice offers a full range of national and international corporate law services, guiding clients on complex corporate legal matters related to significant business life events and providing advice on problems that arise from routine operational activities.

Our provision

Corporate restructuring

Businesses still need to control costs while managing operating expenses and tax obligations. Entity reorganisation could support the achievement of these objectives in the dynamic commercial, economic, and regulatory environment of today.

Our professionals have accumulated significant expertise in leading a variety of interdisciplinary reorganisations, such as:

  • Post-merger integrations
  • Legal entity reductions
  • Pre-acquisition restructurings
  • Carve-out restructurings

Corporate responsibility

Failure to follow corporate governance and sustainability rules may have a direct and significant effect on your organisation in light of the rising transparency demands. Compliance violations may also have a detrimental long-term effect on the success of the business for businesses that are listed, regulated, or involved in the financial services industry.

We provide legal counsel on a variety of topics, including:

  • (Non) listed organisations;
  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG);
  • Sustainability reporting and supply chain due diligence;
  • Directors' responsibility;
  • Corporate Governance scan;
  • Whistleblower and Board Policies
  • Corporate architecture

Businesses may require advice on a wide range of issues when entering new markets or forming alliances and joint ventures, including business start-up requirements, entity trading activities, expansion efforts, business dissolution or unwinding, or general legal questions on day-to-day operational activities. To maximise potential, Human Clouds Legal offers assistance in designing partnerships that are specifically suited to each client. Examples of the services we provide in this area include:

  • Partnerships and strategic partnerships
  • Foundation Structures for Trust Offices
  • The dominance of big business
  • Shareholder agreements, limited partnerships
  • Incentive programmes for employees
  • Plans for pooling cash
  • Corporate conformity

The judicial and regulatory environment can be complicated. Human Clouds Legal collaborates with you to evaluate your existing level of compliance and take appropriate corrective action. Our services for corporate compliance include: Annual compliance services and corporate upkeep Assisting with the review, negotiation, and preparation of all types of commercial agreements; preparation board minutes, proxies, and general or special powers of attorney; Assistance with all types of negotiable instruments and credit transactions; Human Clouds Legal: Why?

Through integration and agility, Human Clouds Legal improves how legal services are used and provided:


  • Global integration: With professionals collaborating closely across national lines, Human Clouds Legal operates in more than 75 countries. Human Clouds Legal offers a strategic viewpoint with the support of a Centre of Excellence, assisting companies in meeting their domestic obligations and thriving in the international market. You have access to a one-stop shop because of our global presence.
  • Business integration: To assist in solving the most challenging business issues, Human Clouds Legal offers access to industry experts and a broad variety of professional services in strategy, finance, human resources, risk, technology, audit, tax, and, of course, legal. The creation of end-to-end solutions is facilitated by our internal cross-business collaboration.
  • Technology integration: To lead the way in cutting-edge legal solutions, Human Clouds Legal uses technology. It is a component of the Human Clouds organisation, which has a proven track record of offering technology solutions through both internal skills and partnerships with technology businesses. Human Clouds has won several awards for its work in the field of technology. To identify the best solutions for our clients, we combine legal expertise with cutting-edge service delivery, solution platforms, and sophisticated data analysis.


  • Strategic flexibility: Within a network of experts who can adapt and respond swiftly to change, Human Clouds Legal is a responsive practice. Human Clouds Legal offers the insight to improve customers' decision-making process by combining strategy and technology to collect, arrange, and analyse complicated data from many sources.
  • Operational agility: Human Clouds transformational thinking has been used to remodel various functions, and Human Clouds Legal uses this methodology to reorganise legal departments for companies. In order to interact in real time and increase operational and process effectiveness, we leverage digital platforms. To assist legal departments free up time for what counts and deliver value for the business, we concentrate on people, process, and technology.
  • Stakeholder agility: Businesses want their general counsels and legal service providers to assist them in growing their businesses by offering straightforward, useful guidance rather than merely "legalese." In order to provide the best solutions for their customers' businesses, Human Clouds Legal collaborates with them as well as for them. We can assist the GC in becoming a business partner by comprehending the client's requirements and viewing legal issues through a business lens.