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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The influence of cloud computing cannot be overstated. Once a fascinating technological possibility, this is now a crucial component of the digital transition. There is also no indication of a slowdown, with analysts predicting continuing growth through 2024 at a rate of 21% yearly.

But just because "the cloud" has entered common speech doesn't mean everyone is familiar with it. To incorporate private and hybrid cloud prospects into product development and go-to-market plans, infrastructure, M&A opportunities, investment decisions, and more, our cloud experts have worked with approximately 200 businesses across a variety of industries. We collaborate with CIOs and CTOs who are utilising the cloud to improve the way IT services are provided, as well as established and next-generation technology companies on cloud strategies that will fuel their own growth and assist their clients in succeeding. Financial sponsors who must assess the impact of cloud on current or potential investments are another group we work with.

Our distinctive viewpoint is shaped by a wealth of client experience, exclusive market research, unrivalled access to C-suite executives, and hundreds of conversations with important members of the cloud ecosystem. We can therefore clearly see where the cloud is headed and what it means for businesses who offer cloud solutions and supporting technology. In order to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing from every imaginable angle, we worked closely with our clients. We have aided businesses, to name a few examples:

  • Examine consumer adoption patterns
  • Recognize how market segments' potential for cloud adoption and growth.
  • Analyze the variables affecting the whole range of possible cloud migration tactics.
  • Investigate user perceptions and awareness of the main cloud vendors, as well as the influences on vendor choice and conversion rates.
  • Create strategies for serverless computing and containers, two new innovations that will have a big impact on cloud computing.
  • Recognize how channel strategies, margins, and possibilities are changing as a result of cloud.

Whatever promise cloud may have for you, we can help you realise it to the fullest extent thanks to our wide range of experience.