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Business Strategy

Our Approach to Business Strategy

We take a team approach, assembling the client's senior executives for each phase of the company strategy development process.

Assessment :
By reinforcing the organization's mission, vision, and values as a group, we create a strategic context. Additionally, our strategy consultants assess the existing state of affairs in terms of internal (financial, operational, product, customer, and supply chain) and external (market, industry, and competition) variables as well as opportunities and risks.
Formulation :
Our management consultants work with the team to build the strategy vision, value proposition, competitive differentiation, and strategic alternatives using a number of facilitation techniques (e.g. develop a capability vs. make an acquisition). The creation of the high level "strategic tale," a strategic narrative that is potent, alluring, and simple to recall, is a part of this phase.
Specification :
The plan is now developed in greater depth by our strategy experts, including objectives, a three-to-five-year road map, and key metrics.
Planning :
The strategy now needs to be developed in terms of tactical initiatives for strategic growth and in-depth plans for each functional area. Along with budgetary requirements, we also develop the business case during this phase (operational and capital).
Execution :
Implementing the strategic plan entails designating accountability for each initiative, managing programmes and projects, and managing organisational change.

Many business strategy efforts spend too much time preparing and not enough time taking action. In the evaluation phase, our management consulting process corrects this by identifying the three to five most important issues (the "critical few") and moving them swiftly into implementation. This enables the growth initiatives to be developed quickly in parallel with the rest of the business planning process using actionable action plans. This strategy produces quicker outcomes and highlights any executional concerns the company may have.