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People and Workforce

Behaviour change

Finding behavioural modifications that work is the simple part. Activating and maintaining them is difficult. Our method, which is founded on research, enables teams to collaborate in order to reduce conflict and foster meaningful reinforcement that strengthens fundamental organisational behaviours.

New habits don't always stay, despite the use of tried-and-true methods like communication, training, and nudges. We engage teams by using people-centered techniques based on behavioural science so that implementing new habits seems natural and quickly becomes second nature.

We will assist you in prioritising, concentrating on certain staff groups and behaviours, by helping you identify which business objectives can only be attained via behaviour modification. Which modifications will have the greatest impact are revealed via insights and pattern identification. The pull of competing influences, diversions, and motives is tremendous, thus identifying the most significant behaviour changes does not guarantee that they will become habits. We then use the Moments of Truth toolset.

Moments of truth are critical moments when selecting a certain course of action is essential yet conflicting reasons make it challenging to carry out the intended action. Together, we create a roadmap to identify friction points and create enablers for behaviour change, making it simpler and more satisfying to carry out the modified habit. Co-creating solutions with team members fosters a feeling of ownership, which strengthens commitment to and enthusiasm for putting the new habits into practise.

Our unique Behavior Sprints, which are made possible by digital feedback loops, help teams transition from theory to practise. Our strategy combines the power of individual agency and self-development with team-based support to accelerate change, allowing individuals to safely experiment with new behaviours and integrate them into their regular work.

Improved Frontline performance

Give supervisors the knowledge and tools to assist teams in integrating new behaviours, leading to superior results.

Transformational programs support

Develop in-house capabilities for behaviour change to spur your company’s upward trajectory and stimulate growth

Stronger organisational culture

Strengthen the company’s stated purpose and values by having leaders exemplify and reinforce behaviour changes

State of the art operating models

Execute new behaviours to bolster your organisational change and lay the foundation for continued evolution.