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School Audit And Quality Control

Schools anywhere in the globe can be managed by Human Clouds and our staff of seasoned international educators and related professionals. The knowledge we have gained through running schools across the globe is thus available to owners and boards. To maintain continuity and show our commitment, we often like to tie a school start-up agreement to a continuing educational management structure or operation of the school.

Our Services offer total control over your school's comprehensive operational management framework. Our full-service management offerings comprise:

  • Complete management of the school's operations and administration, evaluation and monitoring of its educational offerings, accreditation, and preparation for new grade levels and programmes as needed; collaborating with directors to create a framework for board leadership that is effective;
  • Overseeing the annual strategic goals, evaluation/assessment process, and school performance;
  • Professional development of employees;
  • Synchronising yearly strategies for recruiting, communications, and marketing;
  • Provide a yearly evaluation and mentoring for the CEO;
  • Making the yearly operational budget;
  • Aid in creating processes for auditing, financial reporting, and accounting;
  • Planned ongoing improvements to schools;
  • Policy documents for employees, parents, and students;
  • Learning evaluation of youngsters; Parental assistance; Public relations and communication; School improvement.

Working with major corporations and investment groups

We are in a position to assist non-profit organisations, investment groups, property developers, and/or businesses looking for a seasoned leader for their school. Many times, large businesses or commercial conglomerates want a school to capitalise on the development of their neighbourhood but lack past expertise with educational initiatives. HCC may enter the project with ease and assume control of the school's management of education, including keeping an eye on student achievement and providing frequent updates on results.

Owners and trustees are aware that they can rely on our very successful expertise working with schools all around the world when they choose HCC to administer their school. We are able to assume control of the entire school operation and take over the full workload.

We are able to handle every area of school management services on an independent basis thanks to our firm's extensive private school consulting services.